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Bio Marine - Facial Cleansing Kit - Triple Complex





Refreshing facial toner
Alcohol-free facial toner, preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance and completing the skin cleansing action, purifying without alcohol.
Soothes and refreshes the skin. Suitable for use for all skin types.

Face and eyes delicate milk cleanser
A cleanser for everyday use. Effectively removes make-up and grime from the face and the delicate area around the eyes, without affecting the skin’s natural PH balance.
Does not have a drying effect, recommended for all types of skin. Deep-cleansing leaves the skin clean and fresh. Also suitable for use around the lips.

Facial gel scrub For all skin types
A superb facial cleanser from the Bio Marine line, enriched with essential natural minerals and the Triple Effect complex to create a wonderfully rich texture and thorough skin cleansing
effect. The gel maintains a balanced PH level without damaging or drying the skin, leaving the face with a clean, silky feel.

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