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  • Deep Comfort Shea Body Butter $24 $19
    $20$20 per 100 ml

    The unique combination of ingredients in this Shea Body Butter gives perfect care and protection to your skin. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, Aloe Vera juice and Hamamelis Extract, this active formula nourishes and hydrates your skin. The butter is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin soft, smooth, glowing and gently scented.

  • Red Grape & Pomegranate Antioxidant Body Butter $21 $17
    $8$8 per 100 ml

    Envelop your skin in a pempering blend of natural ingredients with creamy, fast-absorbing formula, featuring beneficial Dead Sea minerals, collagen and resveratrol. Grape seed oil and vitamin A restore essential moisture, while pomegranate works to give skin a more radiant, lustrous appearence. The result is a vibrant, smooth, and youthful-looking complexion that stays hedrated all day long. Free from parabens and mineral oils.

  • Fig & Olive Softening Body Butter $21 $17
    $8$8 per 100 ml

    Indulge in a rich, creamy theat for your skin, featuring antioxidant fig extract, lush olive oil and vitamin E. This luxurious formula absorbs quickly, devilering a potent beneficial complex of essential Dead Sea minerals, collagen and resveratrol to promote a younger, healthier, more beautiful complexion. Skin stays hydrated hour after hour, appearing naturally soft, supple and glowing. Free from parabens and minerals oils.

  • Lemon & Passionfruit Energizing Body Butter $21 $17
    $8$8 per 100 ml

    Wake up your skin with a rich, fast-absorbing formula that combines the benefits of passionfruit extract, refreshing lomon extract and vitamin C. These natural ingredients gently and revealing a healthy, youghtful glow. An advanced complex delivers essential Dead Sea minerals, collagen and resveratrol deep into the skin, for a fresh, vibrant look that lasts throughout the day. Free from parabens and mineral oils.

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