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  • Bio Spa Volcanic Foot Peeling $11
    $9 per 100 ml

    SEA of SPA’ has developed a unique Volcanic foot peeling cream enriched with natural active Dead Sea minerals, Volcanic ash, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera and Menthol for nourishing and softening the skin.

    The cream helps in preventing dryness and cracks in the skin and make the rough skin in the feet look healthy and nourished. To be used twice a week or as necessary.

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  • Nourishing Foot Butter $11
    $9 per 100 ml

    Wonderful and unique butter for feet by Sea Of Spa.
    Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and pure oils such as Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Calendula, Tea Tree oil and more. This butter is a fast solution and treatment for dry and cracked feet. It creates a thin layer witch protects the feet and prevents dryness and cracks, stimulates blood circulation, encourages skin cell renewal, soothes irritated skin and highly effective for cracked skin. The butter wraps the foot’s skin and nourishes it. After user the foot skin will be soft, supple and velvety.

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  • Special salt for your feet $6
    $1 per 100 g

    500 gr

    Sea of Spa created for you this special salt for soaking tired, aching feet with cracked skin.

    The salt is rich in vital Dead Sea minerals and aromatic oils. The salt helps to cleanse the skin in the feet and remove dead cells, while disinfecting and softening the skin.

    It helps in preventing fungal infection, soothes and freshens the skin, leaving it very soft and smooth.

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  • Anti-crack foot cream $5
    $3 per 100 ml

    Give your feet the best possible care. Dead Sea minerals soothe your feet, while the rich oils nourish and moisten
    even the driest and most cracked feet. Tea tree oil gives a strong protecting & deodorizing effect.

  • Vein cream for veined areas – 120 ml $61
    $50 per 100 ml

    The cream creates a wonderfully unique combination, contains hemp seed oil
    which is suitable for use in cases of need for applying on veined areas.

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  • Anti-Crack Foot Cream enriched with Avocado oil & Aloe Vera $2
    $2 per 100 ml

    Give your feet the best possible care. Dead Sea minerals and vitamins soothe your feet, while the rich oils nourish and moisten even the driest and most cracked feet.

  • Powerful Foot & Knees Cream – 100 ml $8
    $8 per 100 ml

    A nourishing foot and knee cream enriched with minerals and mud from the Dead Sea. Containing moisturizing ingredients, minerals, and dunaliella algae, the cream is quickly absorbed to envelop your feet in a delightfully silky feeling.

    The cream is also rich in vitamin E, aloe vera and allantoin, instantly nourishing
    the skin with moisture that soothes and softens hard, dry, and cracked skin, leaving it feeling completely smooth and relaxed.

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  • Foot Cream with Magnesium – 150 ml $5
    $3 per 100 ml

    An effective formula designed to keep your feet soft and smooth – a real treat for even the driest, roughest skin.

    Leaves feet refreshed and relaxed.

    Out of stock

  • ALTERNATIVE PLUS – Multi Intensive Foot Cream – 150 ml $11
    $7 per 100 ml

    The formula contains salts and stabilizers as well as vitamins A & E that nourish and protect the skin.
    The foot cream in the Alternative Plus series effectively cares for and tones the skin, softening dry and cracked skin.
    Improves the condition of the skin of the heels.
    Quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant, light feeling for a long time after application.

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