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  • Bio Marine 4 facial care products kit – 180 ml $30
    $16 per 100 ml

    Delicate Peeling Mask
    50 ml jar

    A delicate peeling mask, rich in essential minerals from the Dead Sea. Thoroughly purifies and cleanses the skin of any remaining grime and make-up, effectively removes dead cells, and allows the skin cells to be renewed.

    Protective Day Cream For Oily And Combinational Skin
    50 ml jar

    The unique formula of Triple Effect Complex creates a wonderfully intensive moisturizing cream that fights the skin’s sagging and aging, restoring the skin’s optimal moisture level and giving it a fresh and soft feel that lasts for hours.

    Nourishing Night Cream
    50 ml jar

    The Triple Effect Complex creates a particularly rich nourishing night cream, with a creamy and velvety texture.

    Firming Face Serum
    30 ml bottle

    A concentrated serum with a delicate texture. Particularly suitable for the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes.

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  • Bio Marine – Facial Cleansing Kit – Triple Complex – 600 ml $60
    $10 per 100 ml

    Refreshing facial toner
    Alcohol-free facial toner, preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance and completing the skin cleansing action, purifying without alcohol.
    Soothes and refreshes the skin. Suitable for use for all skin types.

    Face and eyes delicate milk cleanser
    A cleanser for everyday use. Effectively removes make-up and grime from the face and the delicate area around the eyes, without affecting the skin’s natural PH balance.
    Does not have a drying effect, recommended for all types of skin. Deep-cleansing leaves the skin clean and fresh. Also suitable for use around the lips.

    Facial gel scrub For all skin types
    A superb facial cleanser from the Bio Marine line, enriched with essential natural minerals and the Triple Effect complex to create a wonderfully rich texture and thorough skin cleansing
    effect. The gel maintains a balanced PH level without damaging or drying the skin, leaving the face with a clean, silky feel.

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  • ALTERNATIVE PLUS body care GIFT SET – 500 ml $32
    $6 per 100 ml

    A cream that provides extremely long lasting protection. Our hands are exposed every day to harsh conditions.

    They need extensive care and protection against external effects.

    The formula contains salts and stabilizers, such as Chamomile and vitamins A, B and E that work effectively taking care of and protecting the skin of the hands.

  • ALTERNATIVE PLUS 4 facial care products kit – 180 ml $106
    $59 per 100 ml

    Time Control Active Day Cream
    50 ml jar

    Designed to help prevent the signs of time and promote a younger-looking complexion. This advanced deep moisturizer rejuvenates, improves skin texture and brings out your natural glow.

    Active Nourishing Night Cream
    50 ml jar

    This highly nourishing cream contains an extremely effective concentration of Dead Sea minerals, herbal oils and Vitamins.

    Time Control Active Eye & Decollete Cream
    50 ml jar

    An exceptionally light-textured cream designed to protect the delicate areas with little natural protection – the eye contours and the décolleté.

    Time Control Active Eye & Decollete Cream
    30 ml bottle

    A rich formula made of active ingredients that pamper your skin and help reducing the visible signs of aging. The serum contains a special blend of vital Dead Sea minerals, moisture retaining saccharides, vitamins C and E and seaweed.

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